Miscellaneous Mutterings of a Lascivious Logodaedalist

Perhaps it should be "Lushious" Logodaedaliser, or pernicious perpetrator of prancing participles.

Whatever, they're only words. And the fewer the better. Unless you get paid by the paragraph. Then you can be as obtuse and verbose as you like, limited only by your patron's chequebook. His pocket is the ultimate parameter. (Parameter, n. device for measuring or limiting the length of a paid paragraph)

In fact, it's likely that the pocket is ultimately responsible for the evolution of the paraphrase, which, legend has it, was first reported at Parramatta by a landing paratrooper. (But, even if it wasn't, "It doesn't matter," he retorted.) (Who tortellini to parboil the pasta?)

Never mind! All this will be cleared up in "equestrian time", (when our elected representatives are through horsing around). They would have to be among the most poorly paid logodaedalists, if the volume of their vacuous utterances is any measure. Although, it could be argued that the only volumes they are capable of measuring are metered by bartenders. Pure Johnny Walker. (There are certainly no joggers in parliament...despite the constant runaround).

So where have they led us? We've run aground!

America has its Freeways. Germany has its Autobahns. Italy its Autostradas. And Spain its Vias. But none measure up to our vast freeway system, the Via Dole! It is the world's biggest...and it goes absolutely nowhere!

The epitome of parodies, you could call it paradise!

No prolonged paragraphs for these pranksters. They get paid without offering a single syllable.

True logodaedalists would cartwheel in their crypts if they knew. They might even rise up and form a fraternity of deceased logodaedalists, to air their dissonance.

How errant can we be? Is there no deterrent? Do we need detergent to become well washed of our political dirt? Our leaders are lost. They cling to their vanity, having lost their sanity.

But I can find mine down my mind -- and actually tell you about it.

So I must be a true logodaedalist.

...or maybe I'm just pissed!